If you are a graphic designer or typographer, you are always looking to improve your skills. One way to do that is to work and practice your art, the other way is to learn from others’ experiences and books.

1. Thinking with Type

Well-structured book that gives plenty of examples, it is accessible even to novices and will make you feel like you’ve become a better designer after reading it.

2. The Elements of Typographic Style

If you are concerned with creating beautiful typography, this book will help you make better typeface choices, have better rythm in your layout, combine fonts well and so on…

3. Typographie: A Manual of Design

Learn the fundamentals of typography with this timeless book.

4. Making and Breaking the Grid

A guide for designers wanting to learn how to work with the grid.

5. Wolfgang Weingart: My Way to Typography

One of the masters of graphic design and typography share his experiences.

6. Inside the Sketchbooks of the World’s Great Graphic Designers

Get inspired by the very best, a look at how the greatest designers sketch and work.