Every day new fonts are released, let’s take a look at some of the best fonts published in the past seven days.

Corbert Condensed

A condensed sans serif designed as an additional companion to the Corbert font family.


Zona Black Slab

Zona Black Slab is a geometric slab–serif display black typeface. It is the brother font of Zona Black which was inspired by posters from the late 1920’s.



Rieux is an even-tempered slab-serif that is confident without being cocky and approachable without being casual.


Ranch Land

Ranch Land JNL is based on a classic French Clarendon wood type, many of which were popular in the 1800s and are now associated with either Western motifs or circus events.


English Engravers Roman

English Engravers Roman is inspired by the beauty and eccentric detailing of British stone carved lettering.