Out of the box, WordPress doesn’t come with any typographic tools. If you are interested to improve your blog’s typography, you should definitely take a look at these WordPress plugins.

1. wp-Typography

Hyphenation, better spacing, intelligent character replacement and much more. Gain control over your WordPress blog’s typography.

wp typography admin

2. Drop Caps

Easily add drop caps capabilities to your WordPress blog.

drop caps

3. Font Burner

Plugin making it easy to add Font Burner fonts to any WordPress powered website.

font burner

4. Simple pull quotes

This plugin provides an easy way to include pull quotes.

simple pull quote

5. jQuery font resizer

This one will not make your typography look nicer or better, but it will definitely make your blog more accessible.

jquery font resizer

6. WP Footnotes

Quickly add footnotes in your blog posts.

wp footnotes

7. Title style

Use this plugin to wrap lowercase words, helpful if you want to automatically style parts of your headlines.