Adobe took a step that will probably please many graphic and web designers, the firm decided to go ahead and create it’s first open source type family: Source Sans Pro. This is great news for open source typography, there are many free fonts, even good quality ones, but not enough families of type.

For its release, Source Sans Pro get six weights and support for Latin scripts (this includes Eastern Europe languages, Vietnamese or Pinyin). The font is also available to be included through services like Google Web Fonts or Typekit. You can download the font family on the official announcement page.

The future of the typeface’s developement seems quite promising too, with a gorgeous monospace version annouced, as well as Cyrillic and Greek support.

To improve readability, characters like capital i and l have been given different heights.

The extra light weight.

Source Sans Pro black.

 A preview of the promising monospace version of the font.