Too many programmers don’t pay enough attention to the fonts they use to work, yet coding involves staring at your screen a long and reading complicated and detailed text.

A good choice of font for your coding activites can make a huge difference and improve your productivity, so take a look at the fonts in this post if you never considered changing programming fonts before.

1. Source Code Pro

Source Code Pro is part of the first font family ever released by Adobe. It is available for free download on Github.


2. Anonymous Pro

A fixed width sans designed specifically for programmers by Mark Simonson studio.


3. DejaVu Sans Mono

The monospaced version of DejaVu, a popular open source font family.


4. Envy Code R

A fixed-width font with a bit more condensed look-and-feel to it, probably my favorite in this list.


5. Droid Sans Mono

A good looking and legible coding font that also come with two alternate versions, with slashed and dotted zeroes.


6. Pragmata Pro

A very narrow programming font designed with no interline spacing for less scrolling.


7. Terminus

Terminus Font is a clean, fixed width bitmap font, a bit more extended that the other fonts in this post.


8. Proggy Small

A programming font for use in small sizes.


9. Liberation Mono

Not the most beautiful monospaced font, but still a good choice for programmers because of its high level of legibility.


10. Ubuntu Mono

Part of the popular Linux distro’s font family.