The bad side of being a typography or lettering lover is that you are constantly exposed to horrible logos, ads and signs in the streets. In this post, I look at the bright side of signage with a collection of awesome typographic signage.

1. Casanuevas Pharmacy

A huge bold signage that truly makes this pharmacy stand out.


2. The Factory Café

A gorgeous sandwich sign for The Factory Café in Durban, South Africa.


3. 100

I know nothing about this one, apart from finding it on VillaType.


4. The arrogant butcher

This butcher might be arrogant as he suggests, but he has gorgeous signage for his shop.


5. The Highlands neighborhood

A mural created for the Highlands neighborhood by Bryan Patrick Todd.


6. The Penrose

The Penrose is an amazing gastropub on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. It was featured on The New Yorker for its beautiful type and signage.


7. 165-169 Thomas Street

Is there a better way to announce a street name and number?


8. PIP

As the signage shows, the Partnership for Innovation Practice. Splendid work by Pentagram.


9. Flower Girl NYC

Nice frame, good use of transparency and of Art Nouveau type for this flower shop.


10. This way

How would one not follow what this cool neon sign says?