Handmadefont is a company based in Estonia that produces unique developed handmade fonts. It may sound frustrating, because fonts is something that one uses for writing or typing to produce letterings, logos and stuff like that. But two brothers Vladimir and Maksim Loginov managed to work out a special formula on how to succeed with handcrafted fonts. They make ideas real through beautifully crafted design. They believe good ideas can be applied to anything. Find more than 1000 unique Handmadefont typefaces on their website.



‘We’ve been working in graphic design for more than 15 years, – brothers say, – Very often we had to create unique fonts for different advertising campaigns, posters, TV-ads etc. And the final result, after putting so much effort into it, would only last for a month or two. We felt sorry that no one would ever see those works again. So we decided to give them a new lease of life. That’s how the idea of Handmade font came up. We’ve completed the alphabet and the process turned out to be so exiting that we ended up with loads of new fonts’.




We’re all surrounded by the lots of different things, which can be made into a font. Often we follow our instincts rather than just logic in choosing something. ‘It’s like a man scratching the name of his beloved on some tree never thinks what font he’s using. Same with us’, – tells Vladimir, – ‘First we make something, then look at the result. Sometimes it’s no good, but usually we are happy with the first choice. It has more integrity and the spirit. The quirkiness of our fonts and the raw feel to it is important to us. It has energy’.


Brothers Loginov use different materials for their fonts. Usually material itself dictates the ways of using it. Many things can only be bent or cut in a particular way, so they try to find the optimal form for them. Like the font calledBurning Wood Font, which was hand-burnt especially for a unique Burning Wood alphabet.

‘If we only knew, where ideas come from (especially the genius ones), we would have been already very rich’ — ‘But in our case it is more simple. ‘In the beginning, there was a word…’ – you might remember this well-known idea.Every object has its own name. Every word consists of some letters. It means, that every word implies some shape. For example, imagine a pencil on a table. We take a lot of pencils and compose a word ‘pencil’. This is abeginners level. But, going further on, if we compose a word ‘painter’ using the same pencils, then we receive the shape of the word ‘painter’, which expands it’s sence’.

Handmadefont claims it all depends on the material. Basically, Handmadefont uses everything. Hammers, matches, scissors – everything that cuts, saws or whatever. Every material requires a different approach. Liquids, for instance. It’s hard to create a model from liquid – it has no shape. Handmadefont considers one of it’s vocations is to find the right shape for the liquid! It’s obviously not easy to apply standard terms of typography to describe whatHandmadefont does. It’s not about classic fonts everyone is used to.

‘We’re not exactly the specialists in this field, it’s hard to be a specialist in squeezing letters out of ketchup or cutting forms out of loaf of bread. We try various things and methods and share the results with people’ – brothers smiles.


If you have any any queries please contact Volia Chajkouskaya, Handmadefont Promotional Director.