Viktor Hertz, a creative graphic designer based in Uppsala, Sweden, just launched his latest Kickstarter campaign (he already made six successful projects there in the past).

This time, the Swedish designer used his great sense of humour to turn type elements into… butts. This is actually part of a larger project called “Typornography”, which involved other Rated-R body parts designed using typography.

The butts were the most popular, they even went viral starting on Facebook. Seeing this success, Hertz decided to design posters with a selection of 30 typographic butts, which you can now support on Kickstarter.

The fonts he chose for this poster are: Adobe Garamond Pro, American Typewriter, Arial, Big Caslon, Bodoni, Calibri, Century Gothic, Comic Sans, Chopin Script, Copperplate, Didot, DIN, Eurostile, Futura, Geneva, Georgia, Helvetica, ITC Benguiat, Joane, Klavika Bold, Lato, Mrs Eaves, Optima, Papyrus, Playfair Display, Steelfish, Times New Roman, Trajan Pro, VAG Rundschrift D and Zapfino.