On the occasion of its 15th anniversary,the independent type foundry TypeTogether has published a book entitled Building ligatures: the power of type. In this book, TypeTogether’s cosmopolitan team ofexperts present a cross section of the knowledge, experience, and best practices intype design, typography, and graphic design.

About the book

The 248-page book presents a well-balanced mix of know-how texts written byTypeTogether’s core team and essays by some of the most respected and influential design writers and experts in the typographic industry. Featured contributorsinclude Fiona Ross, Catherine Dixon, Gerry Leonidas, Veronika Burian, and JoséScaglione, among others.

Selected essays reflect not only on philosophical and ethical considerations, but alsoon practical and technological aspects of typographic life. Discussions range fromfont quality, digital typesetting, matchmaking and licensing, multiscript typography, and history of type design, to more fundamental questions, such as whether the world still needs new typefaces. The texts are accompanied by a series of photo-graphs documenting the life of the foundry from its beginnings to the present day,and a selection of typefaces published by TypeTogether which are paired with theirbrief impressions by acclaimed theoreticians and font users.

The name of the bookBuilding ligatures: the power of typerefers to one of thebasic terms of the typographic world. “In typography a ligature is a connection, anunbreakable bond between parts that results in something new, useful, and evocative. Over the course of our fifteen years in existence, the TypeTogether type foundryhas built precisely that, both literally and figuratively,” said José Scaglione, the co-founder of TypeTogether type foundry.

A unique feature of this publication is an original fold-out anatomy presenting avariety of world scripts, which has never been available in similar form before. Thereader can learn more about the anatomy of Arabic, Chinese, Cyrillic, Devanagari,Greek, Latin, and the Thai alphabet