Every technological change represents a new challenge for type designers. Going from carving to writing with a pen, then from pen writing to printing, and finally from printing to computer type, was quite a ride in terms of changing the way letters were designed.

With the rise of AR (Augmented Reality), designers must think of new ways to optimize fonts for a better experience with this technology.

This is exactly what Niteesh Yadav, a talented Indian engineer and typographer, is doing. On his website, the designer shares his research and findings of designing type for AR.

Being both a technical and creative person, Yadav is probably the perfect designer to work on such a project as he understands both the technology of AR and the more traditional side of typography.

He shares all his findings on a dedicated blog, it’s fascinating to read as the designer goes into a lot of details. Even better, Niteesh Yadav also released a typeface designed for AR that you can download for free on his website: ARone Type Family.